Content marketing can be adapted to your blog as well as your different accounts on social networks. Today we are going to talk about content marketing via linkedin.

Linkedin is a leading player in the field of B-to-B communication, so it is perfectly legitimate for you to relay various information about your activity to your Linkedin account. In addition to publishing information, you need to make sure that it is read and shared.


Why share information?

Sharing news will allow you to give more visibility to your post but especially to your site. It’s about sharing content that is likely to appeal to more people because it’s not possible at the moment to segment your subscribers in order to better target your messages. In any case, don’t forget that you are talking to professionals and therefore to future partners or customers. On Linkedin, you will need to adopt a more formal tone and share information that is relevant and enriching.


Focus on your network

We know this with privacy and confidentiality issues, but we tend to believe our network first, before we go to search engines for example. So you owe it to yourself not to disappoint your subscribers at the risk of losing them. Content marketing aimed at professionals must of course be reviewed and adapted, because these professionals are above all on Linkedin to recruit new people and expand their networks. It is therefore up to you to not lose them.


Betting on groups

Linkedin groups and the exchanges that take place there are just as much part of the content marketing as the posts you can share on your profile. Join several groups and participate in the discussions by bringing your point of view or experience. The ultimate goal is to bring the person to you and your company and not to just send messages. Don’t take a too commercial tone because the people on this network are also professionals and know how to recognize a person who does his self-promotion at go, it’s the best way to defeat your purpose.