Spelling mistakes, what impact for your company? Last April, an editorial platform published a study on the impact of spelling mistakes on businesses. The results are alarming, with figures to back it up. In fact, 90% of the emails that companies send to their customers contain at least one spelling mistake. This figure rises to 95% when e-mails are written in a foreign language.


What are the consequences for companies?

The first element of the answer thanks to this study: “a single spelling mistake can have an impact on the realization of a sale or partnership, and more generally on the company’s image”.

In terms of image, the consequences are major. Today, much of the business – customer relationship is written.

The impact of a spelling mistake goes beyond the “simple” error. Leaving spelling mistakes in your emails is suggesting to your customers that your business is not serious. E-mails that are flawless, well-written are above all a mark of respect for those who will read you, i. e. your customers.

It is a question of consistency. Your company hopes to convince, demonstrate its expertise and seriousness. E-mails are an opportunity to prove it.


Spelling checkers, an additional help

In addition to the default corrections on your word processing tools (Word, Drive,…), online spell checkers are also available. We have selected 3 of them, which are among the best known.

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