To be effective when communicating online, to be convinced that the content you write is useful to Internet users and to see the results of your efforts: these are the essential aspects that a small business must know how to identify in order to succeed in finding customers on the Internet. Entrepreneurs want to do a good job in web marketing and all they need to do is put their trust in them and they’ll get started… and succeed!

“What doesn’t kill makes you stronger,” some would say. Without going that far, getting out of our comfort zone trains us and teaches us a lot.


Overcome your fear of online marketing

The reality is simple: the differentiation on the Internet now comes from the content we are able to produce, from the angle from which we approach the subjects dealt with. They need to talk to the target audience they are targeting and make them feel that they are listening, that they are finding solutions to their problems and needs.


The solution is just as simple: you have to proceed in stages. Any objections you hear when talking about online marketing can be explained with these 5 points.

  1. You can’t be afraid to write because it’s simple (finally)

If you take the time to get interested, you can quickly find the right techniques for:

finding topics

writing articles in a very reasonable time

writing interesting content easily

Web marketing is simple, be sure!


  1. Return on investment exists

Imagine prospects coming to you and asking you to become customers. This is the promise of web marketing: Internet users who were strangers to your company become closer and closer to you and convert when they are in the act of buying.

One statistic among many others shows that companies that write 1 to 2 blog posts per month have 73% more leads than those that do not.


  1. You’re in a hurry: it’s a good thing, everything will go fast!

By defining a communication routine, you can make your web marketing painless in terms of resources. Whether it’s energy, time, skills or money, companies need to realize that this discipline is interesting because you can invest in it depending on who you are and what you want to achieve.


  1. Wake up the expert inside you

People to whom you sell a product or service have needs, problems. They want to have clean hair (if you sell shampoos) or want to trek in Africa (if you offer trips to Cape Verde). You are specialists in everything related to these disciplines – they are not.

All the questions your customers ask you, all the information about what you offer are all subjects of content to be exploited by disseminating them with a relevant angle. You may not have known it, but you are an expert: express yourself!