The world’s most used social network, has passed the 2 billion users mark in June 2017. Social network number one in the world. A real revolution, this tool has changed the Internet and human relations, especially since you can create a Facebook page for your small business.

However, is it a real asset for businesses?

Many who describe Facebook as the largest database in the world, and for good cause. More than a billion Internet users publicly deliver accurate information about their habits, hobbies, tastes and lifestyle. This is a huge playground for a company. It is also an opportunity to get to know your customers or prospects, their opinions, the consumer trends, to be able to respond by adapting or even anticipating them.

Used by many as a research tool, Facebook allows you to analyze the opinions of Internet users to better perceive the state of an industry and the possible opportunities for a company. It can measure in real time the impact of various forms of communication, and thus use it to gain renown. It is an ideal tool to make you talk about yourself, through advertising or the creation of buzz.

For a small business, one of the angles is to create a privileged relationship with its customers in order to retain them. For this, it is essential to be visible, in order to forge an e-reputation, to then cultivate and grow it. The first step is always to create a Facebook page for your company. On the other hand, a company can also use it as a means to recruit. Although there are professional social networks such as LinkedIn or others, Facebook is the best to start.

Create a Facebook page for your company: potential danger?

Like all social networks, Facebook can quickly “overtake” a company. It will not always have the means or resources to control what is happening there. With this in mind, more and more companies are recruiting “Community managers”, responsible for controlling and managing their image on social networks and even creating them.

This is a formidable field of experimentation, which must be handled with caution, to ensure that the control is “kept”.

All companies are likely to need them. Facebook seems fundamental to B-to -C companies. Used for prospecting, it also allows a strong interaction with customers. It’s a real loyalty tool, allowing customers to exchange, share their experiences and comments about the company.

The objective of the latter is to ensure that they feel “integrated” into a community, with which they share common values.

For B-to-B Companies, this tool can be used for recruitment. It can also make it possible to work its “societal” image, by displaying itself as a partner or sponsor. Many companies put forward an event or an association to which they contribute. Although related to business development, this initiative is beyond this framework. It allows to highlight the “values” of a company, so that it is perceived otherwise by internet users.

So, Facebook, useful or not for a company?

The company must first determine what it hopes to achieve if it decides to create a Facebook page for its business. It is about ensuring that this social network responds to its challenges and expectations. Then, as this will require real follow-up, it must make sure to bring together the human and technical means to ensure that this adventure remains under control and beneficial for the company.

Finally, even if Facebook is free, it will require a certain investment, professionalism in its use, and integration in the overall communication and marketing strategy of the company.

If these conditions are met, Facebook has everything to from an effective and potentially profitable “tool” for your company.