Don’t have enough time to spend on a trade show? However, it can be interesting for your company. Through this article, we explain how to optimize the time you will spend there… After all, “Time is money”, so you might as well calculate it carefully.


We spent one morning on it and before that we had three simple goals:

broaden our lines of thinking for the blog

make contacts



  1. Expanding the lines of thought – interesting conferences

Select the most relevant conferences based on your business and the solutions you want to bring to your customers. Register and don’t forget to print your badge before you leave, it will save you time when you arrive at the show.

Conferences allow you to better understand some of the current issues in your industry. In addition, the topics discussed may interest your customers or readers of your blog, so don’t hesitate to take notes!

Likewise, the speakers are also present to answer your questions, this time for networking is not to be neglected, unless you already have the answers.

After the conference, you can meet the speaker at his booth to discuss and exchange your professional cards…


  1. Making contacts – “network” – Networking

Before you go to the show, make a list of companies that may be able to meet your needs. Once there, locate their booth on the guide distributed at the entrance.

Then, go straight to their meeting with the questions to ask them to make sure they have concrete solutions for you.

Don’t forget to leave with your contact’s business card, or even a brochure, and give it to him/her if you are really interested.

During your exchange you can also note down the prices in order to be able to compare them after the event.


  1. Interact – Participate in the show while staying connected


During the show, you can also interact directly on social networks (Facebook, Twitter…).

Indeed, you will be able to disseminate information (e. g. key figures) in real time to your communities.

If you have the ability to take pictures, do it and share them directly.

Thank the speakers and people you’ve exchanged with, for example, by tweeting them.

All this can be done in one morning. Then you can return to the office with the satisfaction of having achieved your goals.