Visiting a blog for an Internet user is a common action in a search for information. With a view to increasing your visibility on the Internet, we advise you to keep a blog linked to your activity. To make your blog visible you need relevant content and traffic. Why doesn’t your blog generate enough traffic? Here are a few comments that are often the cause.


  1. Your blog is new

Once your blog is launched, it will take time to generate traffic. People will not be informed about the creation of your blog and articles. You have to make sure they notice you. Connect to other bloggers by sharing knowledge with people related to your circle of activity and commenting on blog posts. Make sure that those you seek to reach notice your expertise.


  1. Your article topics are treated on another blog

You will surely choose your topics of posts related to your interests or areas of activity. These are the topics that are most relevant to you. You are probably not the only person writing about this industry. SEO becomes very important, choose the keywords your audience uses to search for information.


  1. You don’t publish regularly

Publishing relevant content is not enough. You must publish regularly on your blog. Your readers should not pass on your blog by chance wondering if there will be a new article. Make sure your audience knows when there will be a new post on your blog. If you do not post every day, do so at least once a week, for example once a week (always on the same day) or every 1st of the month. Note that the longer the time between two issues, the more difficult it will be for your readers to follow you.


  1. You do not share or distribute your content

If you want your blog to gain visibility, publishing is not enough. You need to share and broadcast your content. All blogs go through this, it’s a long term commitment. Create links via social networks where you can broadcast your content and gain more attention. There are several tools that allow you to manage all this.


  1. You don’t give enough information about the author (s) of the articles


It’s quite common for new bloggers to forget this very important detail for SEO and your audience. People who will be interested in your blog articles will want to know more about you. To create a trusting bond between you and your readers, you must specify who you are.


  1. You do not offer subscriptions

Posting regularly in a short period of time helps you to gain the attention of your readers and allows them to come back for your next posts. You can also set up an automatic system that will notify your audience as soon as a new article is published. You can use different means: newsletters, RSS feeds, social networks (facebook, twitter), professional social networks (LinkedIn).

These are some good practices to follow that will help you make your blog visible. This list is not exhaustive, so I invite you to tell us your results.