Over the years, blogs have become indispensable to the good indexing of your website.

Regular content creation makes it easier to position yourself on Google and give more weight to your article. It will also bring you new visitors who will then switch from your article to your site.

For web professionals, creating quality content that meets the expectations of potential readers is not always an easy challenge.


This is where Content Marketing comes in.

This form of digital marketing refers to “practices that aim to provide prospects or customers with a certain number of useful or playful content”, in other words, a blog with interesting content that meets the expectations of a large number of people.


There are often definitions or tutorials: clients want quality and entertainment!

Many web marketers lose sales because they are too “aggressive” and direct with the customer. The availability of playful and free content, on the contrary, allows us to forge a stronger link with prospects because, as we know, customers only buy if they trust us, so content marketing is a powerful tool to make you known.

The use of content marketing allows you to adopt a long-term strategy and familiarize customers with your small business. This type of marketing is more “permission marketing” oriented, where your customers will give you the opportunity to sell your products or services to them, not the other way around.


Let’s take the famous Pareto law of 80/20 and apply it to content marketing:

80% of your blog content must be designed to help your customers: meet their expectations and help them achieve their goals

The remaining 20% is reserved for the promotion of your products or services


Content marketing is essential to make oneself known and interest potential consumers. Marketing is nothing without relevant and useful content. In a context where hundreds of commercial messages are sent every day, it is good to differentiate yourself and bring real added value to your readers.