There is one unavoidable thing for any professional who regularly uses emails to communicate: email signature. This short text appearing at the end of each email sent can be a very profitable communication tool, as well as a formidable weapon that can quickly turn against you. Here are some explanations to learn how to create an effective email signature.


What is the purpose of an email signature?

The email signature, which appears at the end of each e-mail you send, is a quick way to let your recipients know exactly who you are. Often separated from the text of your e-mail by a continuous line or a few dashes, it must be professional, while reflecting a minimum of your personality.


What to put in your mail signature?


The email signature must of course contain your first and last names, as well as that of your company. However, depending on the situation, it may also mention the position you hold in that company, remember your e-mail address, give your telephone number and physical address, or provide links to your company’s website, Facebook page or the social networks on which it is present. Finally, it is advisable to drag a little catchphrase in your email signature, if it is not too long, presenting the services offered by your company, its values or its slogan. It is also possible to insert your company logo, but it is important to know that some mailboxes do not automatically open the images and that this can sometimes spoil the signature instead of embellishing it.


In terms of presentation, large numbers of colors and multiple font or case changes are to be avoided altogether. Indeed, rather than improving the appearance of your signature, it is more likely to push back your recipient and give him/her headaches! It is therefore safer to keep the text in black, or choose a unique color. At the end of the day, you can bring out an element that is considered more important than the others by a slightly brighter color, but uniformity will force your correspondent to read everything or at least to look at it as a whole. In addition, you can put some elements in bold or italic to emphasize them.


What should I absolutely avoid in my email signature?

In addition to the crazy colors, the change of case every three letters or the sudden appearance of words in bold or italic, there are a few small things to avoid in an email signature.


First of all, an email signature should barely measure a few lines. Please carefully select the information you wish to display. A novel may frighten your correspondent, so they won’t read anything at all. Too many icons, logos and links can also push back your correspondent, who will find it hard to find his way around, or worse, not to appear correctly, as previously mentioned for your company logo. Similarly, too many or too long legal notices that you mention to protect yourself will make you look paranoid to your recipients.


In conclusion, a simple and pragmatic signature remains the best solution. You can also make it minimalist when it comes to a reply email. Your recipients will appreciate not receiving all the information concerning you at the end of each email, while always having a telephone number or a website to contact.