Before the act of purchase, bring them closer to you

The first objective of this first phase is to make you hear: on the internet as in life, it is like in the lotto, 100% of your customers will have heard of you before!

In our opinion, this phase can be carried out with a second important component whose aim is to make people who are likely to be interested in what you propose become more and more close to your company.

Three slogans therefore: attract, interest, bring closer.

For this, we advise you to consider all this as if it were a path with successive steps. After each one, you can interact more strongly with your contacts and, when appropriate, propose the sale. Everything is about timing: it is that your communication adapts to what your prospect is ready to receive. Know at each step, what you can afford to do as an action regarding a prospect.

For this, you can think for example how to implement:

  • A well referenced site on your keywords SEO
  • A blog with interesting articles
  • A reasonable (and we mean reasonable) use of social networks
  • Guides to help you in the fields of which you are an expert
  • An structure that makes the visitors of your site take action

During the sale, make sure everything is going well

Once the contract has been signed, the check sent or the transfer received, stay on course! This step is where, with your product or service, you make a first impression: no second chance on it – be prepared!

Accompanying a new user of your online tool, offering mothers recipes by e-mail for the vegetables they have just bought in the frozen section or offering registration in a community space of your company are all ways of score points. You show that you are interested in the people who have trusted you and you gather valuable information on possible optimizations of what you offer and how you offer it.

Again, it's about figuring out what your resources are and building the small mechanics that will make you get results for you without the investment being enormous. Seek to automate this , start small and improve as you go.

For this delicate step, consider for example to use:

  • Social networks to react to the 15 min cycle
  • Mails (or email)
  • An online community space
  • your phone

After the sale, the communication of a small company is to retain

Your best referrers are your customers! In the long term, following up on a purchase, offer them a way to keep in touch so that they always have in mind that you can serve them or help a loved one.

The idea, once again, is to offer interesting content (video, text, messages, photos, music, applications …). To brush up your ideas, you can look for ways to be:

  • useful
  • instructive
  • entertaining

Always think of a simple, virtuous path that, along the stages, promotes the relationship with your prospects. All this can be prepared, set up little by little and above all … measure it. You will be able to better understand the processes that make them come to you, that they buy what you propose and that they are satisfied.

Observe how your partners or competitors around you are doing: our accountant uses a tool that sets targets at the beginning of the year, and then, each month, we propose to analyze the forecasts against reality. This regular point allows our contact to ask us what our projects are, what is our interest and finally to offer us his help on these subjects – his helpful help … and paid!