At first glance, one can say that after all, a message is a message and that a well written email is secondary when talking about finding clients via the Internet. However, whether it is an email to a prospect, a customer or a partner, it is sometimes enough for your message to turn to your advantage – confirmed sale, partnership engaged … – or otherwise it will scare your prospect away to the competition.

Of course, you are already writing emails and you did not expect us to use this tool as part of your structure. The purpose of this article is to see what can make it easier to write an email and the points to check before clicking the Send button!


  1. Have a complete signature

On the one hand, your emails can be a source of traffic to your website and, on the other hand, if your prospect wants to contact you more directly or go check a detail on your performance, it is always good that he has these coordinates on hand.

A typical signature could be:

First name-function, company

Email address-Phone number

Website-account on a social network


  1. Personalize the message

A reflex that not everyone has but that it is always better to have is to start by saying hello. Then, if you can integrate a detail that is associated with your prospect, it's even better!

Have you met a contact at a networking party when ordering a drink at the buffet? Indicate this anecdote to start your message and give as much context as possible to your request.

Adopt an appropriate tone and make the recipient feel at ease: the idea is that he feels that you are considerate towards him. We probably have to think about what we do when we are talking to more institutional partners on the other hand.


  1. Be precise

Often, you want to get information, or you have been had an enquiry and answer it. In both cases, be specific and indicate the specific information you know or want to know.

The idea is that everyone finds their account in this email and know what to really stick to. To know that it is not known, when it is the case or to point to a relevant contact!


  1. Clearly say what action is expected

Man is a single task animal and we all have to take it into account. When you are going to write an email, ask yourself what action you want your prospect to make. Do you want them to buy your product, use your services, answer one of your questions or accept an appointment?

In any case, it has to be stated clearly if you expect them to take action.


  1. Stay concise and repeat your message

You probably have a lot to say, but when you talk to your prospect, keep in mind that your message must have a specific goal: repeat there! You will avoid losing the thread of what you want to say and improve the understanding of the recipient's side.

In the same way, make your message enjoyable to read: Skip a line between paragraphs, use the correct punctuation, write short sentences …


Take the pen!

With this blog post to properly write an email, you can proceed without fear, take the time before clicking Send to verify that these few rules are applied and that you have maximized all your chances of achieving your goal!