Your customers' opinions are important in convincing others to buy from you. Many sites allow your customers to post reviews and you can add this feature on your own website.


On third party sites: Reviews improve your visibility

You can improve the visibility of your business by having more and better reviews and opinions. These sites are often specific to a profession or industry. So don't hesitate to ask your customers to leave comments on the sites that are most important for you in terms of visibility. Don't spread yourself too thin, choose a few sites and optimize your presence on them.


On your site: Reviews increase your conversion rate

Feedback can reassure your customers and make it easier for them to make a purchase decision. This allows you to increase the number of visitors who act and become customers.

You have two real options:

  1. Select a few good comments and highlight them by specifying the name of the customer with a link. This solution will be preferable if you sell a high-end activity but can be suitable for any type of activity;
  2. Insert comments from a third party site. Your visitors will be able to see unfiltered comments from an independent source. This solution is interesting if your customers are particularly suspicious of potential false opinions and if you want to promote more user awareness.


The time of the guestbook is over!

You do not control opinions on third party sites, but an opinion on a third party site has much more impact: the site serves as a trusted third party and amplifies the scope of the opinion through social mechanisms.

Adding the review functionality to your site without being connected to third party sites limits the scope of the review and therefore your word of mouth effect.


How do you manage your customers' opinions?