In this context, the E-reputation of the company is a major subject and needs an established and coherent strategy. It has to be part of the continuity of your company's overall strategy.


The Internet is a way to convey positive values that make it possible to forge a good e-reputation of the company.

Creating, nurturing and protecting your digital identity are today major challenges for any type of business.

The Internet is therefore a “playground” dreamed to develop a business. It allows your company to make itself known and thus to forge an e-reputation. Your company needs to stand out, value its expertise and experience with Internet users, who are primarily customers or potential customers!


Watch regularly

It is also essential to carry out a permanent overview to control the e-reputation of the company. Do not let your competitors, or even your customers, create or alter the e-reputation of your company, forge it by yourself and watch it!

Being present on the web is not enough: it is necessary to be active there. It's more your flow of activity than your presence that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Update your information, create regular content, interact with Internet users … So many indispensable actions that will allow you to create and maintain a privileged connection with the Internet users. These, as part of the e-reputation of the company, are primarily customers to keep, but also prospects to be convinced.


Keep control

Don't forget to protect yourself to be sure to keep control of your corporate e-reputation.

To do this, identify the most important data, and secure it! Your customers need to be reassured about the processing and protection of the personal data they are communicating to you.

Also monitor possible malicious processes, such as plagiarism.

Finally, inform you of the evolutions of your market, but also of the legal developments. Make sure you are on the right side of the law, but also to permanently use “up to date” means at your disposal.


In this context, which tools to use?

We recommend two:

Mention, an app to make media monitoring on the web and social networks effective. The principle is simple: you create alerts about the keywords that interest you. Mention informs you in real time and ensures an effective overwatch. Suitable for professional, individual or team use.

Google Alerts ensures you are alerted when new information is available on the topics you are interested in! To do this, you only need to enter a search query. This concerns topical topics, the recent activities of a competitor, the evolution of a market, and many other things…


Manage your company's e-reputation

Now that you have keys and two tools to take control of the management of the e-reputation of your company, you can scrutinize what is said about your activity and determine ways to better act and react!