Happiness is not something you can order online. Even if everyone suspects that we are the best coach of our smile, it seems that there are environmental determinants that influence happiness, especially at work!

By following a regular routine, you will be able to ensure that you are in a good mood and avoid the bad passes that make you sad. So dear entrepreneurs, discover five scientifically proven tips to stay at the top all year round…


  1. Remember three moments of happiness

A simple technique consists in learning to list, each evening, the three small moments of happiness of your day. It is a practice that we must work on a daily basis. Feel free to focus on these moments and remember how you felt at the time. You'll see it works!


  1. Be innovative

As an entrepreneur you should slow down and be imaginative. Try new experiences for yourself and your small business, don't be afraid of failure!


  1. Set yourself goals

In order to be less stressed, set yourself specific and realistic goals to reach.


  1. Remain neutral

Try to temper situations and conversations. Defending your point of view is important, do it with solid arguments but don't always try to be right. Relatively, it will save you a lot of your energy and you will spend it on a better cause.


  1. Sleep six hours and fifteen minutes

Sleep is precious, it allows you to rest and start your day on a proper basis. It's not easy to sleep six hours and fifteen minutes a night, but it's probably a good way to help you blossom. You are probably wondering why 6:15 am, according to an English study those who sleep at least this time are happier than the others.


Bonus: Pretend you're happy:

It's a simple technique but it has proven its worth “the less you complain, the happier you are! Train yourself to think that everything is fine when everything goes wrong!


There are obviously other factors to happiness in general such as being in love, having a family life, blooming personally in artistic/sports activities… Nevertheless for each “blow of slackness” do not hesitate to try new little habits to rejuvenate yourself.