Choosing a blog article topic is one of the major issues for the people we meet. At least before we talk.

Keeping a blog for your business is the best decision you can make and you will see that sticking to it actually requires effort but all this can happen without pain – especially when it comes to finding a theme to write about. Here are three ways to not find yourself in front of a whitepage, anxious, waiting for the genius idea!


Note the questions you are asked

Your contacts are the most inexhaustible source of subjects! Every question you are asked is an article or a blog post:

By mail

by phone


Whether you are asked what you are offering, what advantages you see in a particular solution, the approach or product you advocate in a specific situation or your opinion on the news, these are all occasions to write a blog article on the subject … and send it to your contacts and asking him to pass it along!

Do not think that these are trivial questions, on the contrary, it is certain that many other people are asking them and that precisely they use the same key words to state them: So take advantage of that.


Prepare generic topics

You have necessarily read it on the internet, according to the blogs you follow you often have to find titles and therefore subjects of the type:

10 Good ways of ….

What you should know about ….

The secret of a successful ….

who also wants to ….?

How to succeed … … … without wasting time!

How … …. in 3 steps

21 Tips for ….

What really ask … ….

How to evacuate the anguish of ….!

Lose … …. for good!


You see, nothing complicated when it comes to creating a list with topics of blog articles in which you still need to draw whenever necessary. Of course, the content of these articles should remain interesting and bring rich information to your readers but in form, they are easy to create, especially as you can write them step by step if needed.


Present your News

Every day that you spend managing and growing your small business is going through experiences that will someday or other face your partners, your customers or your suppliers. Why not play the game with some transparency? Without always going so far as to share your results as do many entrepreneurs, you can share your joys, your successes, your requests for help too, the arrival of new members in your team or the announcement of new services/products!

The important thing here is to note, every day, the subjects you think about, in the minute they come to you: Send yourself a text or an email to not forget it.

This news makes your business more human and accessible, it allows you to create a story between you and the people who follow you, to show the dynamics in which you operate and the directions you take.