Want to expand your address book? Are you hoping to get more email addresses to prospect, and get new customers? We don’t have the miracle cure for you.


On the other hand, there is a set of good practices to achieve this. Here are some of them!

1- Highlight the means of subscription

You want more people to register and give you their contact information. The starting point is still to make the means to subscribe visible.

On this subject, a study showed that on 53% of the sites, the “Register” button is at the bottom of the page. For 24%, it is located at the top right of the home page.

According to this logic, make it easier for them: make registration possible via social networks. This saves time.


2- Encourage them to register

Your prospects will only sign up if they think it's useful. Thus, by being registered and identified on your sites, they must have got an advantages over others.

There are virtuous ways to do this. Offer a guide to your visitors in exchange for their email, for example. This can also take the form of competitions.

In any case, writing content on your site is a way to convince visitors that you are a pro, and therefore it is useful for them to know, because you have something to bring them.


3- Partnerships, trade fairs, events…

Partners are also an opportunity to take advantage of their rolodex. Don't hesitate to distribute your own content on other sites, to increase your visibility and get new addresses.

Complementary partners will allow you to obtain addresses of prospects who are interested in fields of activity close to yours.

Fairs are also a great way to expand your address book. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with you and collect new business cards.


4- Reassure users!


Explain clearly why you want more information about them, and reassure them by disclosing how you will use the information.

It is about finding a balance between what is acceptable to offer to customers, in a step-by-step process. We believe that a customer who appreciates our help and advice will come back to us afterwards. For that, we do our utmost to be useful to you.