To avoid having to participate in a price war, as is the case in some sectors already (travel for example), it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Today it has become essential!

Many alternatives exist and the Internet offers a real opportunity for the company to stand out by setting up relevant communications.

One of the ways to do this is inbound marketing. The idea is to get people to come to their site rather than get them with advertising or more traditional marketing operations.


4 Steps to stand out on the internet


The objective for you is to:

Attract visitors to you, often on your website

Convert these visitors into useful contacts: qualified leads then customers

Loyalty to people who have already trusted you and who can come back or refer you

To achieve such results, you need to create interesting and/or useful content that will stand out from your competitors. Having a blog on which you regularly post appropriate articles, allows you not only to optimize your SEO but still to benefit from material to ensure a strong presence on social networks!


Once visitors come to your site, you have to convert them. To do this, you need more value-added content that can encourage your prospect to leave their contact information – making them warm leads or even customers.

But beware stand out doesn't mean skip steps! First of all, understand the problem of these visitors. Some may be in an act of purchase when others are still in a phase of inspiration or preparation. These are contacts to be converted into customers later but with whom you would like to interact via a series of emails for example, by regularly offering them rich content, to bring them closer to you step by step and still be present at the right time – when they want you to buy!


In the travel industry, after the inspiration, preparation then the realization of the journey, the last step on which you can capitalize to build your relationship is the loyalty phase. By asking for an opinion on your performance or proposing content that is useful at the time of your client's approach, you can make him talk about you on social networks, by word of mouth or it provides you with interesting content for others … to reuse to complete the loop!