It is a technique popularized by HubSpot, which uses it to promote itself through its blog.

It is based on the idea that consumers are hyper solicited, because of advertising in all its forms. However, with the important technical means at their disposal, they are less and less receptive. Indeed, there are more and more ways of circumventing these solicitations, especially through the Internet.


Inbound Marketing can therefore be defined as the set of techniques that bring customers to your company, rather than approaching them.


Your goal: to attract the attention of your prospects and make them long-term customers. How? How? By regularly providing quality content on your site, and using social networks to promote your business.


The Inbound Marketing, a three-step process:

1- Be found directly by your prospectsTo do this, your company must create quality content and perform referencing work (optimization of tags + links,…)

Your presence on the various social networks will also be decisive: it is an ideal playground to attract the attention of prospects. Find out how to have effective social media communication for your business.


2- Convert prospects to customers

We're talking about “Call to action.” Your company must encourage prospects to leave a trace of their passage on the site. The challenge is twofold: to involve them, and above all to know who they are.

There is also the “Contact culture” (or Lead Nurturing). It is a matter of creating dedicated programs for your prospects, once they have been identified. This can take the form of white papers, for example. The goal: to advance their decision making.


3- Analysis of the marketing process in order to improve the offer

It is your company's job to measure ROI (return on investment). To give meaning to your approach, it is necessary to measure the number of prospects converted into customers.


How does this help your business?

Inbound Marketing allows you to stand out from your competition. This is a new technique to attract their attention and counter the lack of receptivity of some consumers. Your expertise in your field of activity will allow you to stand out from the crowd, by creating regular content to showcase yourself… Inbound Marketing is particularly effective for companies with extensive know-how.


It also requires a strong presence on social networks, which are nowadays a tool for building a relationship between companies and prospects.

To attract prospects, forge and cultivate your web reputation!