At a time when advertisements are taking over the daily lives of consumers, it is difficult for brands – large and small – to stand out from the crowd. How can we make a difference? What are your customers looking for?


What is Storytelling marketing?

Your clients want you to tell them a story… Unbelievable? Not that much.

Storytelling is a method that has existed for many years and consists of transmitting information telling a story.


As for marketing storytelling, it's simple: it's the same thing but to promote your products or services.

To achieve this, brands often draw inspiration from entertainment. In fact, having fun encourages us to give our time and money. This logic also applies to your customers. Tell them a story that makes sense and captivates with characters.


Storytelling, what's the point?

Regardless of the context, industry, brand or audience, storytelling is good for your business. As long as you have analyzed and understood the needs of your target audience to adapt your message.

In practical terms, this method allows you to retain the attention of your target audience and make them remember the message you want to convey. Keep in mind that in terms of entertainment, the mechanism is the same for children and adults. Both give an important role to the narrator. But to reach it you must succeed in holding the reader or viewer until the end of your story.


In addition to your story, the key ingredient is also the one that will tell them… it's easy to recognize a good storyteller: he's the one you're interests you in topics that don't interest you.


To summarize briefly: “Once upon a time, there was a consumer who was bombarded with too much advertising. So much so that he didn't know where to look. When suddenly a story captivated him! The character was funny and entertaining. After stopping and listening to him until the end, he continued on his way, keeping his face and message engraved in his memory…”