Many companies are reluctant to start a small business blog. The word scares. So why start a blog for your business?


  1. It is the most powerful online marketing tool!

Small businesses that have a professional blog and publish one to twice a month have 73% more leads through the internet compared to businesses without a blog.

Potential customers will discover your small business and your services because all your articles can be found on the Internet. If your customers are asking, they can find the answer on your blog through Google. You thus hit your prospects when they need it.


  1. The financial cost is zero and the profits many.

Creating a blog costs nothing. The tech to do this are easily accessible to all.

The cost of a blog will of course be the time you devote to create it. Writing a blog article takes 1 to 2 hours on average. The return on investment has been proven more important than any marketing activity. An article written today can bring you customers over 3 years, it is an asset of your company.


  1. Keeping a blog on a regular basis proves that you are reliable and there to last.

A Small Business Blog needs to be updated regularly with new articles of course. This Regular gives a dynamic image of your business. It shows you are an active person in your industry.

Reading your tips in your blog articles also has a reassuring effect as to your skills and qualities of your services.


  1. If You like helping people, your blog is the perfect tool.

To create a professional blog is to act generously. You give interesting content to the world.

If you create this professional blog by putting care there and really worrying about the people for whom you write, your blog will have better results.


  1. Your blog allows you to express your creativity and have ideas.

Writing forces you to step back and consider your business. Writing on your screen will allow you to clarify your thoughts and better serve your customers.

Your Professional Blog is also an opportunity to interact with the people who read you, to ask them for feedback.


  1. You position yourself as an expert in your field through your blog.

You are probably an expert, your blog allows you to show it. It positions you as an influential person in your industry. And yes, you are someone who has things to say!

Over the long term, posting to your blog regularly accentuates even more your influence, especially in your industry.


  1. Your Blog will allow you to meet interesting people and make friends!

Your professional blog will be able to attract people interested in your articles with a particular request. It may be a forum on which to invite interesting people you meet to publish. It will allow you to interact with all the players in your sector or industry.


  1. Writing on a regular basis requires monitoring.

You will be better informed and will work your neurons. Writing regularly to your professional blog will require you to stay informed on what is happening in your industry.

For example, you can regularly offer your readers the best books in your industry. If you are already doing the reading, most of the work is done.


  1. Blogging makes you a better communicator.

Writing is an exercise that most business leaders do not find natural. Creating your professional blog can be seen as a training in communication.

You will learn to express your ideas more clearly. You will be more comfortable if you have to interact with journalists but also with your clients and employees.


  1. Keeping a professional blog can be very fun!

You should not see your professional blog as a time constraint. Choose the themes you are tackling and the right tone to make it enjoyable for you. Your customers are looking for transparency and humanity. If you hold your blog with your voice and not an institutional tone, everyone will win.

Dare in the subjects and in what you write. Talk about your blog to the people around you. At Networking Events for example, do not hesitate to suggest to others to write on your professional blog. Your blog will transform your way of communicating. This will happen in many ways if your time investment is up to par.