Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and contractors are increasingly pleasing, but the shared workspace has won over more and more people in a very short time, showing a real enthusiasm for collaborative workplaces and a much more open vision of small business.


Wikipedia,”coworking is a type of work organization that brings together two notions: a shared work space, but also a network of workers encouraging exchange and openness.”


Open space has become the norm individual offices now account for only 40% of employees. Coworking is booming, both globally and in the US, and the media is just beginning to take an interest in this type of practice.


Discover 3 advantages of a shared workspace:

Number 1 – You have your colleagues at your fingertips

No need to send emails to your team members, they already receive enough! They're in the same room, see the same office you're in, so go talk to them directly.


Issue 2 – The opportunity to exchange with others

Sharing a workspace is not necessarily simple, but it will give you a great human experience. Coworking is the opportunity to exchange with other people who do not necessarily evolve in the same industry as you and who knows, maybe consider a future collaboration.

This will allow you to compare your project with other points of view and gather valuable feedback to improve it. Open spaces have the particularity of connecting and bringing people together, even if it is true that community life is sometimes complicated…


Number 3 – The ambience of sharing

One of the biggest assets of a shared work space is the friendly atmosphere and mutual assistance that are present in this type of structure. Coworking spaces often bring together several start-ups or young entrepreneurs, and often bring real human experiences to bear.

Coworking areas are friendly structures that promote networking and will allow you to meet many people in a less formal and relaxed atmosphere than large companies with around fifty offices in a row.


So, you ready to get into coworking?