We meet many entrepreneurs who already have very interesting approaches in this field and who often seek to take a step back from a discipline and get new ideas.


In this article you will find keys about:

The reason for small business marketing online: At a time when these companies are being solicited from all sides by suppliers solutions it is important to provide them with the means to understand what really is relevant in their case, in order to be able to answer the question about the interest of a new way of finding customers for them.

The exact steps to consider in order to have an approach that bears fruit: first to define your presence and the ecosystem in which it exists, to put in place an appropriate approach, finally, to operate it systematically;

The very mechanical and scientific attitude that those responsible for this work in companies must have to regularly improve the effectiveness of all this.

During our work meetings, we feel that online marketing is resolutely tailored to small businesses since they are organizations that are committed to being very result oriented and effective in their operations.


The steps of small business marketing on the Internet

To succeed in finding customers on the Internet, you have to start by writing blog articles, create the pages of your company website, send messages, make a video online or put online a presentation of your expertise, for example. The second step is to fail often: it is normal, you thought this of this segment of your customers and the hypothesis proved to be biased or you used a tool that your contacts did not adopt.

The most important thing is then to understand what has worked and what could be improved: Your goal is to build a prototype that gives you results and for which you know that by increasing such a factor, your results will be multiplied by another order of magnitude. Then comes the automation step: you have to be able to delegate the work – or it should not take you any more time because you have it extensively mechanized – to devote yourself to inventing a new way of finding customers and restarting the from the beginning.