Web design can be defined as making your company's website as easy to use, secure and efficient as possible for Internet users.

Do you want your company's website to attract? Give users a comfortable journey!


Adapt the design of your company's website according to the characteristics of Internet users. Surfing habits, age, level of knowledge, expectations… These are all factors to be taken into account.

Your small business must therefore carry out targeting work in order to determine precisely who your Internet users are, in order to understand their needs. For that, what could be better than asking them questions? Surveys, questionnaires, social networks, always work!

Be careful not to create a site that you consider “suitable for everyone”, this would be a mistake. The risk? The site could not be suitable for anyone! This would result in inexperienced users being lost and eventually fleeing, while more experienced users might feel overly pestered.

Hence the need to know who are we talking to, and to adapt our positioning accordingly.


Design of a website, how does it work?

It's based on several principles:

Utility: This is the ability of your company to meet the needs of users.


Usability: This is your ability to make the Internet user's task easier. Your website, if it is efficient, should allow the client to easily find the information they are looking for.


Satisfaction: Your small business must be able to put its website at the service of Internet users.


Efficiency: This must be your priority. Your company's website must be “efficient”. To do this, make it easy for users to do their job! Make sure that navigation seems intuitive to them, and that learning the site is easy.


Here are a few tips to optimize the design of your website:

Adopt the same graphical appearance for fields with similar functions. This will make it more intuitive for your user.

Do not overload your company's website! A busy home page, or big graphics can interfere with your user's navigation, which can get them lost.


Highlight the most popular pages, Internet users should be able to find them easily. A user has no time to waste, you risk scaring him/her by offering content or functionality that is too long or too complicated. Be careful not to include unnecessary actions and to optimize navigation as much as possible.

Offer clear, explicit menus so that the Internet user does not hesitate to choose.

Don't place ads anywhere! Targeted advertising may interfere with their reading comfort.

Inform the Internet users! Don't hesitate to explain who you are, the idea of your site, its added value, how it works… Give the possibility to the web surfers to obtain more information!