The home page is essential for your company's website. Why do we need it? How do you create an efficient home page?

This blog post tells you everything!


The home page, the key element of your site

The stakes of your homepage? Give the visitor a positive first impression. You need to convince them that your site can help them get what they want.

Your competitors' websites are not far away. In this sense, the Internet user is impatient. He has only a very short period of time to give you. If he can't find the information he's looking for, he'll go somewhere else. It is therefore important to direct him as quickly as possible to the information page he is looking for. Moreover, we are talking about the “3 clicks” rule: your objective must be to allow the Internet user to arrive at the right place in 3 clicks maximum, from the home page.


Put yourself in the place of your visitors!

Putting yourself in the visitors' shoes is the best way for you to offer content that meets their expectations.

The Internet user must feel that your site is active and regularly updated. Your site must look professional.

Make it easy for visitors: highlight the most popular pages. These are the ones they will want to find first.


Reassure your visitors!

Do not hesitate to provide information to reassure your visitors. It is this belief in being safe that will make them trust you.

To do this, highlight the different means of payment or delivery methods. Please also provide your contact details, using various means of contact.


Offer quality content!

Introduce yourself briefly and clearly. Don't hesitate to inform your customers about your core business. Highlight the products and services you offer.


Also take care of your logo: it must be understandable and legible. It must convey positive values that represent your company.

Don't neglect the work of writing. Convincing people requires quality content, illustrated by photos. It helps to ensure that your site is well crafted. Make sure your site is visible on many devices, it's one of the keys to stand out today.

Enhance your offer, highlight your new products, promotions, or events you associate yourself with.


The home page is the image of the whole website. It needs to be constantly rethought. Don't wait until you have a “perfect” home page to publish it, and don't edit it later. Once you have put the essential, launch and adapt your home page to the evolution of your site and your company.