Why should I use LinkedIn for a company?

LinkedIn has more than 200 million members worldwide. It is the most widely used professional social network in the world. Its membership is constantly increasing, and it seems more and more essential for professionals.

And if you're not there, what are you missing? Why would you want to be on LinkedIn?


First of all, to make your company known…

Don't hesitate to create your company page. It is the opportunity to forge or complete your online reputation by demonstrating your expertise.

Enrich your page regularly with your news, your new offers… It is also the opportunity to collect opinions on them and take them into account.

This way, LinkedIn can become an opportunity for your company to find new customers and partners.


… to make yourself known or recognized as an expert,

Put forward your experience, your expertise, your know-how…

It is also an opportunity to get to know your clients better, and thus to better prepare your professional appointments and help them prepare theirs when they see you.

It is up to you to use it best to help you manage and control your image, by creating and maintaining your network, to be even more credible professionally.

Naturally, LinkedIn can also open up opportunities for assignments, jobs, or internships… It's up to you to manage what you expect from establishing relationships with a circle of professionals.


… And to benefit from an additional monitoring tool!

Like Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn saves you time by helping to make your monitoring easier.

The monitoring can concern your market, your customers, your prospects, and of course your competitors. The stakes? Enable you to follow and anticipate developments in your field of activity in real time.

Create or join discussion groups on topics that concern you, and also think about topics that interest your stakeholders.

Take advantage of the content shared by your contacts and their recommendations. Do the same when relevant.


LinkedIn is not an end in itself

Make no mistake with LinkedIn. It is a great tool at your company's disposal. However, LinkedIn can never replace your prospecting, sales or customer loyalty, which remain the basis for the development of any business.

To use LinkedIn properly, consider it as a complementary tool to the ones you usually use to communicate with your customers.